Thursday, 22 March 2018

Novel study

Foaming water

Foaming water

Time freezes as I hit cold water,
Waves come crashing down harshly
All of a sudden time speeds up
Current starts to pull
I dive swiftly under salty water,

I break the foaming surface
I gasp for air
I can hear wave crash wildly
seagulls screeching
I smile
This is life!


Older than he looks
Live in a Nook
Likes to read his book

Prefer books that rhyme
Has a lot of time
Payed many dimes over time

Mistaken for a shell
Has a lot of pales

Waitangi Day

To learn about waitangi day we did a knowledge hunt. SO we went around the room trying to
find the cards to
match the question.Then we would write then down in our book let.
After that we drew picture on the front of our booklet.

Changes at Puberty

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Math – Statistics
By  Poppy
Teacher: Ms. Kemp
Date: 05/03/2018

Recently ruma tahi had safe cycling with constable Jos.

Before Check

Before we went on our bikes we had to do a bike check (or N check), just to be on the safe side.
First the class made sure that there helmet was tight and fitted properly. Part
of that was that they had to make sure it wasn’t to high on you head, this is called
the two finger check. Them they moved on to the bike check. To make
sure we didn’t miss anything they went from the front to the back.
First we started with the tyres.
Do you have all the spokes? Are they pumped up?
Do your tyres have reflectors? Then they moved up to the handlebars.
Can they move? Do your brakes work? Then the chain, Is it oiled? Once we had
done that we were ready to go outside.

Court practice

Then we were finally ready for hands on practice. First we had to bike around the courts,
weave in and out of cones while practicing our hand signals. One of the tasks we
had to do it bike in a start line, look back and tell her what sign she is holding up.
E.g. Truck.  (That was properly the hardest.) After we finishes that coarse we
started different one. This time we went the length of the netball court. Again
we practice hand signal and stop signals. We also had to look over our right shoulders,
before and after we do our hand signals.

On the Road

This a picture of our trip we went on. First we crossed the main road.
Then we put our practice to work. Left hand out. I told myself.
Check behind. And so on. We went through the course twice. After the first time we meet up.
Jos told us what we need to work on and what we need get better at.
Then we went around the course again. There was big improvement this time.
You could tell that when the scores came out that that the seconded time was the best.

My Graph

Here is my graph that shows how I did. The red is how many times I had to do
it and the blue is how many times I did the signals.
I was the second best in the class. My overall percent was 72.4%.