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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December  2017.
The New Team
By: Arly

Karoro School came second in the tournament and had a five star rating. Now the Karoro Dunkin Donuts are fighting back with 0 losses and 1 draw. The teams one draw was against Rosegold who had one Karoro student. The Dunkin Donuts line up consists of Max Welsford, Sean Bain, Cameron Dickey, Arly Bellis and Jack Henderson. 3 of these players made it into the Representative team. Their coaches say “The Dunkin Donuts need to pull up their game. There is no way that the Dunkin Donuts are going to win at their current form.”  One player Max Welsford says “We are going good so far. A few more wins and we will be right on track.” This article was written before the Dunkin Donuts recent win.

The paragliding mystery. A recount of the incident by Sean. Available for $36 in any store.

The finished result.

How to Make Salami and Cheese Pizza
By: Arly
Cover the pizza base with tomato paste. Grate some cheese and sprinkle on the base. Cut salami into even slices and put on top of cheese. Heat the oven to 190 degrees celsius on fan bake. Bake for ten minutes. Take the pizza out of the oven and enjoy.

The Ivory tiles. Available for $25 in your local bookstore. Written by Arly Bellis, the award winning writer of the Techno Wars.
Paragliders Stranded
By: Arly.  Told by Sean.

Three paragliders were sucked into a cumulonimbus off the coast of Nusa dua last month. The three in question are named Mark, Sean and Heidi. They were presumed dead by authorities but were found three weeks later. They claimed to have been stranded on an island with an active volcano. They managed to paraglide off the island seconds before the volcano erupted. Sean decided to give us info about the fiasco. He says “It was a very frightening time for me. I’m very lucky that I wasn’t alone.” The survivors built a hut to shield from bad weather.
Image result for stranded island hut

                 The hut the survivors made.

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
The Puzzle


Words to find:

Jeff Crackalack 2.0. A hilarious book by Bryce De Klerk. This book is guaranteed to have you laughing and giving your friends $10 to buy this book.

See the Room one blog at

The Win of The Potato Peelers
By: Arly
People believe that the Potato Peelers won through bribes. Well that is not true. In fact the Potato Peelers won through pure appeal to the voters. People also say that the Potato Peelers won because they had potato in their name. I believe that this may be true but if the other parties wanted to appeal they should have done the same.
The Potato Peeler won fair and square.

Coming from the Independence party I would say that we had really strong competition and my party couldn’t rise to the challenge like the Potato Peelers did. Potato Peelers came first followed by us the Independence party.

Career Expose
By: Arly

Born and raised in central Argentina, Lionel Messi at 13, he moved to Spain to join Barcelona, who agreed to pay for his medical treatment. After a fast progression through Barcelona's youth academy, Messi made his competitive debut aged 17 in October 2004. At 22 years old, Messi won the FIFA World
Player of the Year award by record voting margins.  We were given this information by Sports News.
Image result for soccer ball

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
          Why We Do It
Truth told by: Arly.

You may wonder why we do karakia before we eat food or before a Māori class. The answer is quite simple. We do karakia before food to appreciate whoever made the food and to respect those who have passed on. It sounds like praying to God doesn’t it. We do it before a Māori class to honour the dead, to keep our Māori fresh and to respect the Māori Atua.
Image result for karakia

A Māori atua.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein.

The Top Team logo

Top Team Winners
by: Arly
Karoro school did very well in the top team event coming first, second and third. The obstacles were quite hard and Karoro had to push through them using teamwork. I know that sounds cheesy but the whole point of the event was to work as a team. Most of the obstacles were of water Everybody enjoyed the experience and I hope we can do it again.

Our rivals (Computers and stuff) are publishing a newspaper. Be on the lookout for lies in their paper. Of course we’re joking. Their newspaper is really good. Check it out.

Karoro school has a lot of sport on their hands as 4 teams ran onto the field for the interschool soccer tournament. Karoro did well versing hard teams like St Patrick's, Paroa, Grey main, Cobden and Hokitika. A number of representative of the West Coast players were there. The weather forecast was poor and put a damp air around. Karoro didn’t get a placing but played well.

Junior Cooks Shine

The Maggies cooking showdown kicked off and the results were great. To qualify were 3 teams. One team was making a pasta. Another spaghetti bolognese and the final team was making curry with salad and rice along with raro.
There were thirty minutes to make your meal. The team making pasta drew with the team making bolognese. The curry team came first with 9/10 points and a delicious dish.

Pug productions new movie, Space Nachos is due to come out soon.

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
Child Injured
by: Arly

A child got injured on the Porters ski field a few days ago. The child's parents asked for him not to be named and bribed us. Did I write that? Anyway the child fell off his skis and went over a jump. Luckily a wooden fence saved him from going over a cliff.
Image result for ski accident

The ski accident.
The child suffered from a migraine and a bruised buttox. Luckily the child has regenerated and is going skiing next year.

Rashid Jhalak Mahalid is at it again with skis for $1. These skis are guaranteed to snap after one jump. That’s like one dollar to go skiing!

1080 doesn’t just kill birds!
1080 kills birds.
by: Poppy.
Should we ban 1080?
This is a question the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand is asking.
1080 is being put all through our beautiful bushes and killing what makes Aotearoa unique. But there is still the question “What about all stoats and rats? How are we going to get rid of them?” Well we could use more sensible attempts, like use wooden traps that only kills stoats rats…
Also they way people a dropping 1080. Planes also kill the environment. They put pollution into the world and there is way too much pollution in the air.
Should we still drop 1080?

         Days Off School
Story of the day by: Poppy

Have you ever heard of the story where children took over instead of the adults, well here it is.

Boom. The school starts to shake. “Finally” the children all scream in union. The kids have been experiencing some rudeness from all the teachers. The kids created a spell bond boom that only teachers get evicted by. They finally put their plan to action. Boom! That was the children's signal to run to their bush hut. They would wait out here until it was clear. Then the school will be run by children.Teachers better watch out!
See the full story starring Arly, Sean and Poppy. See the link bellow.

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
         Hiking Tragedy
by: Arly

A lady died on the Otehake hot springs tramp. The whereabouts of where she died are unknown but her  body was found in the river about one kilometre away from the hot pools.
The lady was confirmed to have no relatives in New Zealand and was a tourist named Jázmin Mills. Further inspections show grip marks on her neck. Could this be a murder?

Still have dead trends? Give them to Rashid Jhalak Mahalid and he will give you candy. Trade 10 items in and he will give you a ride in his van. Choo Choo.
   Worldwide News and                 Computers and Stuff
Make New Sport
Idea by: Poppy

These two papers have put their head together to create Bush Soccer. It is a sport that is played in the bush and has all the soccer rules except for outs. The ball is only out if it gets lost.
It’s a hard sport because of the how the goals are in the bush. (they could be on uphill) If you are on an uphill then you will have to sort out the teams to make it easier for the team going uphill. You could find a flatish piece and play there. Now that would be fair.
We got some people to try it out. Heres their review.
Captain 1 : It was pretty fun. I would recommend it to other people. The best part about it was probably all of it. I think it is a really good game. The hard part about is when you kick the ball it gets stuck in the trees.
Captain 2 : It was really fun. It’s better than original soccer.Yes I would recommend it to others. It was awesome. The fact that you can find paths through the trees and sneak around the other team was amazing. The trees getting in the way was annoying.
Whales at Beach
by: Poppy

Whales like venturing far out at sea and some like to hug the shore and that causes them to get stranded.

400+ Pilot whales were stranded on February the 10th 2017. ¾ of the wales died. Volunteers helped out. Some children were singing to calm down the distressed animals.

50+ whales made it back to sea.

Pilot Whale getting help.


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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wednesday's Math

First thing you have to do it times 40  by 30 by 30. Which is 36000. Then you divide the first and second number he gave you. The answer is 41.1.
I found a number that both three and four can be divided by. 12. So ¼ of 12 is 3/12 for the cabin boy and his first mate. Then 4/12 for the girl. That leaves the pirate 2/12 or ⅙.
The cars can be park up close to each other as long as there are a four square gap between the two sides.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tuesday's Math

The pilot went 32° off course.

6 people per group. We grouped them according to the clues. Then we made whole groups that turned to be 6 per group.

Monday's Maths

One third of 600 is 200ml. The fraction for 200/300 is ⅔ .So the fraction of the smaller jar will be ⅔.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Cover for Breaking Free


Breaking Free

Red River gum trees start to blossom, as the westerly wind stirs.  You can hear the musical sound of the rustling Red River gum trees, while their beautiful cream flowers wave in wind. The sights from up above are phenomenal. Emma steps off the plane to her new town, as the wind blows her long light blonde hair into her face. She pulls her dark hoodie up to hide her from the chilly winds. Her family pulls her along to meet her new neighbours. She sighs long and loud, as she thinks ‘‘There goes the peaceful sights and here comes chaos.”


Today was the first day in our new home town, for me and my family. I am not very excited for the move but  I know Mum and Dad are because they have been yarning on and on about it like a broken record and I am ready for them to shut up. Personally I don’t understand why they want to move because it was almost perfect at home. Even though I didn’t want to move we had to. In my family I don’t really get many chances to state my opinion, and when I do, they don’t listen. You must think that I’m judging the town by its own cover or something but I’m not. Even though I don’t want to live here  I said to myself, “If I’m going to live here for most of my life then I have to look at the positives.”


I already knew there weren't many positives because I tried to think of some on the plane but what is the harm of listing them anyway, so  here they are:
  • It’s warmer over here than the Pacific
  • it  is only two hours away from the Pacific,
By this time I was at the 2003 silver SUV.  Mum must have brought it over or something. I got in and carried on with my list:
  • I will move from here and go to Auckland Uni once I’m  finished high school (which isn’t long).
  • I can still face time my bestie in the ’land of the big white cloud’
  • I can run away because our  border is by the sea (I thought this was the best one)
That was all I could think of at the time. By the time I was finished Nan’s car had stopped. As I look up I see the house as my home for the first time. Suddenly I feel a pang of nervousness.

I’ve visited Nan and Pop tons but I have never actually seen an animal on their lawn before. As we got out of the car to meet Nan, Poppa, Auntie, Uncle  and Analecece. Analecece is our cousin but I don’t talk to her much. It’s more Isabella that she hangs out with.

As we were going up the drive I heard this bark. ‘‘Umm…,’’ I said ‘‘Why is there a dog in the yard?’’
‘‘Because I’m starting a business.’’
I turn to see who’s talking then I see Analecece.
‘‘ I think it is great don’t you?’’ mum just said.
‘‘Mum you know I don’t like dogs.’’
‘‘Oh honey, they won’t hurt you.’’
I know Mum was just trying to reassure me but it wasn’t working.
‘‘So we are going to have dogs in our yard? ’’  

I turned to see a dirty blonde haired 6ft 3 goof of a brother standing beside me. At the time there were many things I wanted to say but I could not in front of my family.
‘‘You all knew about this!’’ I raised my voice without realising. ‘‘ Of all of the people you told, you didn’t tell me?’’ I was so angry, I wanted to storm off to my room but I couldn’t because I didn’t know where my room was.
‘‘ We thought that you wouldn’t mind.’’
Oh. My. Gosh. They didn’t even think about me.
‘‘So you didn’t even bother about telling me, because you don’t care about me -’’  
‘‘ Emma’’ Mum scolded.
She doesn’t even care, but I knew I had said enough. As she turned she gave a look that said cut it. Urrr! Why does she always just presume?

2 weeks later
It’s been two weeks since we moved in and I am not so annoyed at my family anymore. Actually sharing a room with Izzy isn’t too bad though. I shouldn’t be surprised that Isabella already has so many friends around the neighbourhood. Her room is tidy and everything is well placed.

Isabella and I talk a lot but, this is what she said after a while. It really surprised me.
“It’s been two weeks since we got here, and so far it has been all right. It was sad to leave kuias whare, but to tell the truth I was quite nervous when we were at Christchurch airport because I’m not that close to Nan and Pop. It’s more the others. I was closer to our kuia. (I already knew this) Kuia was the most helpful, kind, bravest person that walked on the earth but best of all she gave awesome advice like, ‘never to let your walls fall because they are your shield from evil’. I was super close to Koro too.  It was sad to see them and their whare go and it still brings tears to my eyes,  but at least, I’ve still got my necklace that will protect me. (she wears hers all the time).

“I’m so happy that I get to share a room with you, Sis, because we get along. But don’t know if we will still get along because it worked good when we had our own rooms. Just because we are totally different, in many ways. Like you are the most bravest person ever because you're not afraid of what people say and a lot of people say really rude stuff about you. One thing we do have in common is that we both like the outdoors though.”

“I remember when we were younger we would spend hours in the back yard building or pretending that we were out in the wild. We would play until the sun went down and when it did Koro and Dad would come out and sneak up behind us then tickle us, but after awhile Mum would come and tell Dad off because we missed tea and it was cold.”  She chuckled quietly. “After Kuia and Koro died, we didn’t go outside so much.” Nowadays we don’t go outside and work on something fun like we did with Koro.
“Yeah” she sighed and flopped down on her bed. “We still share a  love of the outdoors.”

When you walk into our room you will see the parted sides. It’s actually real funny. Isabella’s side of the room is bright colours, like fontana, electric (blues), and juicy pinks.  My colours are all these voilas, navy blues, cassis purples, and earthy colours.  My setup is basic.  It goes like this, bedside table that goes a centimetre over the line down the middle, a desk on the wall that meets the closet and the closet is at the end of the bed. Isabelle’s is the exact same, except she has got a massive mirror above her desk.  I have lots of photos that I have taken over the years,  of us and our family. However Issy has paintings of animals and pictures that we drew when we were younger. Things like that.  When we put up our things on the wall I didn’t put up all of my photos. I put some up in my closet. (personal reasons).

When I woke, I could smell the scent of freshly grilled bacon. Mmmm. I got up and walked down the hall to the kitchen to see Fred standing by the grill. “You making brekky?”
“Who do you think I am, lady!”
“I think you are a nice older brother.”
“Hey where's Isy?” ohhh he’s not going to change the subject on me.
“Why?” I better play along
“Cause I made her eggs on toast with a side of bacon.” I was about to yell at him, and tell him that it’s not fair but Mum came in.
“Oi” says Mum. “I  said that if you are cooking bacon for everyone in the house. That means me too.”
“Of course Mother, I made this for you.”  Please Mum, don’t fall for it.
“Why thank you” she did.
“And mine?”
“It’s coming. Hold your horse little girl.” I’ll let that roll.

As I sit down at the table with my food then Mum says “Come get your uniform.”
What? I don’t need a uniform, I am a senior.  I walk around to the black legged and wooden polished top, to get to the laundry. As I walk into the laundry, I see Mum putting down some clothes for us to wear and a uniform for Is. Ohh she put together an outfit for me... Uh oh.
“Mum...” I was very hesitant “Who are those for?” Mum never put clothes together unless she was bored.

Mum was only bored because she doesn’t have a job. Darn. “I thought you had work,” I didn’t want to sound mean but I think she knew that. Opps.
“I don’t work!” Wow. I can’t believe she got that worked up by that! So I stood there in awkward silence. Then Fred spoke up,
“Are you going to get your clothes or not?” he said quietly trying to change the subject. So I got them and left.
“Hey is what’s up with Mum getting all sensitive about work?” I asked as I walked in.
“She didn't get accepted.” Why didn’t she tell me that? I got ready for school then left without saying another word.

“Hey wait up!” I turned to see Isabella trying to run up to me. I slowed my pace, so she could catch up. “Hey I wonder what class we are in?” I knew she was just trying to make conversation but I didn’t want to talk to anyone so I just shrugged.

When I got to my locker the warning bell had already been so I just shoved my books in the locker and ran. I found my class. Room 238. I walked straight to the grey desk at the front of the room. “I’m Emma Gladwell.”

I stared down at my feet as class looked up like there had just been explosion. “Look up child.” She said softly.
“Yes Miss.”  Now there where people whispering. I was hoping it wasn’t about me.
“I’m Miss Soyer. I’m your teacher for first hour.” She handed me some books. “These are your homework and school books for this class.” I looked down at the books, “Class” she boomed “Today we have a new kid attending our class. Please make Emily feel welcome.”
“It’s Emma.” I corrected
“Sorry. Please make Emma welcome.”  It was amazing how they didn’t talk while she was talking “Your desk is down there.” She pointed next to a girl with brunette hair and chewing gum. I swallowed the lump in my throat and walked.

As I sat she said “Don’t talk to me, don’t come in my space and if I ask you to do my work, you will do it.” She didn’t even say hi. I was burning.
“I will not do your work, and believe me I will not talk to you it would be my pleasure.” I could feel all eyes on me.
“You better watch your mouth little brat.”
“Ohh, please like you do any way.” I turned to see a red head, about 5 ft 5 brown math club top, with jean shorts on.
“Hi, I’m Emily.” she stuck out her hand and I took it. “Thanks.”
“No worries, she a bully any way.” The rest of the day went by like a breeze.  

When I got home I went straight to my room. I only made it halfway down the hall to be stopped by Fred. “Mum said you have to cook for our team.”
“What, can’t I get dressed first?!”

The days went on with me being the slave (and worse), Dad coming home late and so on.  The only real good thing that happened to me since I got her is my bestie Emily.  I still get bullied a lot but Isabella helps because she knows most of the girls at our school. I’ve sort of had enough.

Three weeks since school started.
As I arrived at school with Emily there was the mean girl standing there with her crew. “Look what we have here.”
“I know what we have there.” Emily waved her finger in their direction.
“And what’s that?” A girl behind them spoke.
“Little posh brats who think they know everything.” I spoke up “Now if you excuse us we’ve got to go to an out of school club!” Em shoved past them. As I walk past, they grabbed me by the arm and shoved me against the looker.
“You think you are so tough” she spat.
“You know I never got your name.” I ask kindly. I knew it would make her mader, but I did expect what was to come… She pulled her hand back and swung her arm. The girl to my left let go, and I rip myself for the other one and ducked. Bang! Her hand connected with the locker. She cried out in pain and surprise and I sprinted back to class. “She’ll get you for this.” they shouted.

“What happened?”
“Ohh.” I chuckled “She tried slapping me and I ducked”
“Now that’s funny” As I walked into class all the children stared at me and started to whisper. On the outside I didn’t care but in the inside all I wanted to do is run away break free from my life and this school.

I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Why is life so hard? I flicked through the channels and a documentary on Tasmania came on. It was interesting.
“Tasmania is an escape from the city of Victoria.” Just then it said I could go for a vacation for a year or two. O.M.G! That would be great, I’ll start researching. Mum and Dad were watching Fred play goofball, so it was just me and Izzy. I got to work. I look up to see the time but I heard a key in the door. I grabbed my things and ran.

I texted Em to tell her my plan. E: No. you’re not going. What will I do without you?
Me: umm… Live. I’m going and you’re not stopping me. Got it?
E: fine
I was glad she was on board with the plan. I just hoped she wouldn’t try to stop me.

The first step to my plan, was to work for the rest of winter, and leave at the beginning of spring. I walk down stairs, to see Dad on the couch. I slided into the spot next to him. “Dad.”
“Yes?” he asked wearily.
“I was wondering if you could find me a job?” I ask
“Sure. I’ll set you up with an interview.” Wow that was quick and a first.
“I was going to ask your sister but you will do.” That’s more like dad. Ever since koro passed, he seemed to ignore me as much a possible.
“Where at?” I ignored the last comment.
“The Beeb Cafe down the road.”

Yesss. I pumped my fist in the air. Phase one to the road of freedom. On to the next phase. I just need to pack my bag to last me sixs months. That was the hard one. I hardly ever got the house to myself. But then again I could use the garage. (as in where I keep my stuff.) I rang Emily.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Can I come over?”
“Emma get your butt up here now!” Fred yelled.
“Forget that I’m coming over.”
“Umm… okay?” I ended the call and walked down the hall.
“Can’t, Freddy boy,”  He hates it when I call him that.
“Yes. You. Can.” he pronounced.
“What ever goofy” I muttered. Got my keys and jacket and went out the door before he could snap at me or yell for Mum.

I arrived at Ems and found her waiting for me. (More like sleeping). I tooted and she jumped.
“What  the? Ohh” She smiled.  “What you want?”
“You know how you’re the head of the outdoors group?”
“Well yeah.” she sighed “If this includes stealing I’m not doing it.”
“Does stealing count if I  hack the hard drive you own and give me a couple of papers then will tell me what I will need?” I took a big breath.
“No it doesn’t. Why not, even though I don’t want you to go.”
“Thanks” Now to get my stuff ready.

“I got the job!”  
“Wow” was all they said. I’m glad that  I am leaving. The pay was great, 895 dollars per week. That’s more than enough.

When I was  buying my ticket to Tasmania (by boat) I almost got caught but I said it just came up so I thought I’d have a look. I was talking to my idiot brother so he wasn’t suspicious. Thank goodness.

As winter ended I was ready for my adventure. School was almost out. Perfect. Emily still hadn’t given up on trying to make me stay, and Stella (the mean girl) is set on making my life miserable (even though it already is). Fred is still bossy and Izzy has hardly anytime for me.

Tonight is the night where I  run to freedom. School has finished and Emily is to cover for me in the morning. I’ve left a note on Em’s table, to give to Izzy. It’s a dark starless night  and I’m packed and ready to leave.

Once everyone is fast asleep, I sneak down the hall and take one last look at this place. Down the steps careful not to make a sound. I took a deep breath in and went, Now or never. I took a deep breath a walk out the door, down the road. My gear coming with me. Finally I reached the dock. I step out on the dock and stared at the boat that is awaiting. This is it. I took one last look and hoped on the boat.  The boat soared through the sea and before I knew it I was hopping on a boat to the other side of the islands.

I hopped off the boat and watched it speed off into the distance. I’m all alone. I’m all alone. I started  to panic. This is what I wanted. I remember my planning and the first thing I needed to do is build a shelter. But instead I dropped my gear, and ran to the top of the cliff and screamed. God, that felt good to let go, to break free and finally live my life. Even it would be a challenge. I walked back down the green goat track to get my gear. I’m going to live on the edge. Literally.

I brought a temporary tent to live in while I build my shack. I bought super light tools so I could build a sturdy hut. When I was finished putting up my tent, I made a fire pit.  A big one. I thought the first thing I should make is a shelter for the fire so I will stay warm and toasty.

After I finished it was dark and I was tired. I checked the time: 9:00pm.  I was relieved that I brought my spare watch with me because I can’t read the stars.

It has been three and a half months since I’ve seen the city. It feels great. I’ve stayed up to date with Emily and she says my family is wondering where I am. Em misses me and Stella is celebrating because she thinks I dead. I’ve got a shelter over my tent and my hut it half done. Out here I can wear anything I want and be who I want without being bullied.

Sometimes I will see a dude called Henry when I’m going fishing but today I saw him speeding off in a boat fast. I walked around the bay to see a whole lot of food and a note stuck to it. I read it:

Hurry there is a storm coming and the whole island is going to the main city. The boat has already left and the driver wouldn’t let me get you some fresh food, so here is some food I was going to take. Make sure everything is sturdy. Hell is coming, fish will be out near the rocks and near the centre of the island. You need lots of food.
Lots of luck

I raced to the rocks.  It is very dangerous. I don’t normally go fishing here but I need food. And fast. My mind is racing as I fish. I dashed back up to my store room and then back to the beach I grab the meat and run back to the hut and start to bang nails and boards.  I filled everything to the top  and have made three more shelters. (two for wood and one for food). All I can do now is wait.

I text Em and tell her the news. I say good bye and leave the phone. Out of the corner of my I see green. I smile sadly. My manaia. I put it on and sob. This will protect me, I know it will. Izzy must have put it in. She knew? Why didn’t she stop me? Geeze I love her. I rest my head on my pillow and go to sleep. In my sleep I see my Kuia and Koro saying they love me, and that this is real and I need to fight this. So it’s true.

Bang! OMG. Shhh. Bang. The hut was shaking furiously. There was a hurricane on the other side of the island. It was supposed to come near my area. Trees were on the ground. Hail stung my face as the wind howled. I put my animal skins over me. Bang! Crash! Trees were falling. My hut was swaying. I pull my manaia close my chest and whisper, “I love you Kuia and Koro. I’m sorry I ran away!” It went all through the night. It felt like a nightmare. The storm went on for hours.

The storm was one of the worst storms to ever hit. When I walk outside to see the damage. It was atrocious. It would take months to clean this up. At least my hut stayed up. (even though it’s on a lean) I was so grateful that Henry warned me.

The next day I went for a walk to the town. As the town came in site. Lets just say it’s not a town anymore.  I looked down to see my hands shaking.  I decided I had seen enough. I also had to tidy up my part of the island. I decided to start with my hut. I’d have to tear it down and build it back up. At least I’ve got a lot of firewood.

I tore down the first few boards. Then it started to come down. Oh. I dove, but I scraped my leg. I look down and there this log on my leg. I couldn’t get it off. I started to panic. My leg hurt like hell. I reached for the saw above my head. I sawed the wood. Furiously. Finally. It broke off. I looked at my leg. It was bleeding… Real bad. I couldn’t move it, but I managed to cruel to the first ad. I cleaned my leg. “Ahh. shoot.” I screamed. There was a lot of dirt in the cut. I grabbed the wipe. I cried out again. I tried to take deep breaths.

I wrapped it up, and got on with my job. I didn’t pull any other things down I just tidied up the area and put up my tent. I hobbled into the tent and went to sleep. In my sleep I dreamt that  Izzy, Fred and I were yelling at each other and Mum was walking out of the house, but it wasn’t the house in Victoria. Then I woke up.

The pain was gone out of my leg but it was still bleeding. I  re-dressed it and got on to tidying up. I decided to cut up the trees for firewood, because it was a cold day. Once I had finished that, I went through my stuff.  As I went through my bag I found a package. I don’t remember packing this! I opened with caution. It was a photo of me and my family. I took it. Wow. I felt a tear run down my cheek. All I wanted now was my family. I didn't know I missed them so much. I read the letter.

Dear Sis,
We love you, and I’m so sorry that I didn’t spend enough time with and  you when you needed me. I love you and I gave Fred a massive talk  after you left. Mum has spent most of her time on your bed or doing your routines. I think she wishes you were still here. I’ve kept our room tidy so you don’t have to worry. I also haven't had any friend around (well into your room).  We all want you to come back.  I hope you have your manaia on. You are missed very much
Love Izzy
P.s Emily told me what you were doing but I still don’t know where you are. Love you XoXo

This made me cry.  Now I really wanted to go home. What the hell. I ran away for no reason.

I got on with the jobs, then sat down to look at my cut. I cleaned it and let it breathe for a little. I grabbed the letter without thinking then re-read it about three more times. It was dark, so I let the fire go out and climbed into the hammock that I had set up that day. On the way I got my phone. But there wasn’t any internet. Wonder why! I shut my eyes and went to sleep.
It was the worst sleep ever. I had the same dream but Dad was yelling at Fred and Iz was crying. I woke with a jolt.

For the past few days the same routine. Same dream/nightmare. But today I have done everything, except build my area back up. I really didn’t want build it back up but I didn’t have a reason not to.  I fixed Henry’s shed instead. It took three weeks to do it up but it still wasn’t good enough. I just remember he said he needs more space for food. So it took me another, two weeks. And I was stalling.

I started building again. I only built my hut and storage.  I didn’t realized that all I wanted is my own family, my own warm bed. And most importantly my bestie.

I went to sleep but the dream I had was way worse than the others. Izzy was getting beaten up and Fred was defending me. (I wasn’t there) And my Mum and my teachers were fighting and yelling at each other. When I woke I realized what I had to do.

It has been almost two years since I’ve seen my family and it is about time I see them again.

First I need to build something that I can walk out far enough so I won’t tip. Before the waves break. I set to work. It took three months to make it long and strong enough. I almost got washed away in the making. I swam out to the edge of the dock and then suddenly I hit a current. I was getting pulled under, then I hit the sand bar. Thank god.

Once I was finished I started on the dock. This was the tricky bit. With all trees fallen surely I could find some bamboo. and I did. But it still wasn’t enough for the boat.

I was finally finished my first attempt. I pulled my boat to the edge of the dock and hopped on. I knew there wasn’t much hope on my first attempt. So I paddled. Well I tried. The boat started to sink. First try, down the drain. It took 13 more attempts to get a good boat, all I have to do now is a few tweeks.

As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. This time I had good dreams. When I awoke, I looked out the window and everything was clear.  I sighed. Time to go. I grabbed my bags and headed out.  The waves were small and the sun was rising.

I’ve been paddling for three hours.  I’m trying to follow the route the ferries takes. I stop to read the map. Good. I’m on track. Will they be happy to see me? Will they treat me like a slave again? Will Emily be grateful that I came back? Should I just turn around? I am having doubts. I pull out Izzys letter and read it. I bite back a tear, and keep on going. I’m going back because Iz needs me. I reassure myself.

I have been traveling for 8 hours straight. I am tired and hungry. So I pulled out my salad and ate it.  As I was eating I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.? What? I’m in the middle of nowhere. Then I saw a boat. Izzy was waving like crazy. Emily was flashing a light. I laughed. Fred was driving and Mum and Dad were at the front of the boat. I hopped on the boat and they wrapped me a towel. “Why did you go?” Mum asked
“I thought you guys hated me?”
“Why would you think that?” Dad questioned
“Because you guys made me cook and clean. And you didn’t involve me in anything.” I blurted out.
“We love you Em, we did it because we thought you loved to cook and look after us.” Iz explained
“We left you out because we thought you don’t care what we do.”
“I do care Fred.”
“How do you think I felt without a bestie for two years?” Emily butted in.
“We love you and if you don’t like what we do just say. Okay?”
“Wow. That was strong. Especially coming from you.” Fred laughed.
“Family is forever honey.” Mum inherited Kuias advice alright.
“Let’s go.” Dad smiled. “Back home”
“You wore it!”
The end         

I’ve learnt to love, live and laugh. Mum and Dad gives me a lot more attention, and I’ve created a little social group. Today I’m going to enter the spelling bee, because I want to prove to myself that if I put my mind to it I can do anything. We regularly visit my little hut and Henry on Tasmania. I found out that I was extremely lucky to survive the storm. It was one of the biggest storms this year, out of the whole world. Lifes good and so am I.

Author's Note:
Family is forever and will always stand beside you. Even in the toughest of times.