Thursday, 13 September 2018

Porters skiing

For my thank you letter I did a thank you letter to Matt Leiven. He was one of our parent support. We all had a great day.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Saint John

Saint John
On Monday the 3rd Room 1 went into the tech center to learn more about Saint Johns.  
Catherine Allen was our instructor. For the first 20 minutes we went over the D.R.S.A.B.C.D.
D stands for danger, R stands for response, S is for send for help, A is for airway, B is for breathing,
C for C.P.R and Defibrillation (defib). She also modeled a way to get someone into a side position.

After this we praticsited the D.R.S.A.B.C.D. After she made sure we did that right we moved on to CPR.
We watched and learned, lining up in the middle of the chest, in line with the arm pit then push ⅓ of the
way down the chest.  Then we had a turn ourselves. I did it three times. This is a great skill for children
our age to learn because this could save someone's life.

Life at its Finest

Life at its Finest

To the windy tops, to the lashing sea
from the unknown, to distant waters
Papatūānuku strongly holding us

Tuis fight for a female
Pīwaiwakawaka boldly flying close to tangata hīkoi
Bellbirds sweet voice rings through the vast forest
Hawks circle their prey
Tomtit’s swift movements dodging trees and pecking scuttling insects

Iti feet scurrying
Geko almost invisible on the heated rocks
smart and the blind
fast and the slow
still and the restless

Ihu kurī that hits you like a bomb
vibrant colour like no other
opening and closing like shutting doors
fragrant so unique
fields of flowers like a sea of beauty

lifeless leaves lay on the ground looking up at the greener days
swaying trees sheltering the young and providing for wildlife
where living and dead can be found

tree-like figures lurking in the shadows of the night
once alive now dead
motionless, scary yet peaceful
dangerous but worth it
dense and enclosed yet endless

Circle of life at its finest.  

By Poppy Williams

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Te Uru

WALT participate in the learning of others.
Why: Building on our transaction to high school.
Success criteria: be active and participate in a new cultural game.

On Tuesday we played a Maori game called Te Uru. A class from the high school came to
Karoro school to teach us it for some research and a class project. It was fun!  The best bit
about it was the games and warm up before it. Although it was hard to get through a sea of
people it was fun.

I  really enjoyed the first game I did, which was the one where you passed around and if you
dropped the ball you had to sit down. You played the game by hitting the ball to each other and
trying to land on the dot at the same time. You could only use a flat palm and could not walk with
the ball. There were two teams playing, it was a bit like netball.

The game itself would be better if we had two teams playing and the high school people joined in
too. Also the ref could have been better by actually paying attention and using the whistle.
The game could also been better if they had two refs. All together it was fun to learn a new game.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Learning Challenge: Undertake and complete the investigation into refugees
around the world.

  • Create a new document in your literacy folder.
  • Title it “Finding Refuge”.

  • Choose one of the texts from the UNICEF texts Children In Emergencies or from
  • Refugee Stories
  • Write down the name of the text you are viewing.
  • Read the text and make notes as you go.  Your notes would
  • identify the main idea in the article
  • Identify where the article takes place, who are the key ‘characters’, what the
  • key issues are, which solutions have been tried.

  • Think about the text deeply. How did the text make you feel?  What did it make
  • you think about? How is your life similar or different to the children in the text?

Finding Refuge
Create - Literacy

WALT make connections across texts, locating (finding) , retrieving (getting and using), synthesizing (putting it all together and sifting) and summarising (identifying the important or key points) information.

Consider and develop some solutions to help the children within the text. Write these solutions up as a paragraph explaining how and why you would adopt these solutions.       

The Nowhere Land where Children on the Move are Someone Else’s Problem
This article tells people about the child refugees and how hard it is to travel to
get a better life.   Many people try to cross the Sahara to get to the Mediterranean Sea.
It is excruciating and hard for adults and twice as hard for kids.

This story is biased. This story is biased because the author explains the journey
as daunting and use clines to explain how horrible the desert is and how the children
are treated.

The main purpose of the text is to tell people what it’s like for the children migrants
and how countries aren't accepting them. The author clearly stated at the end that she
thinks the the nations should put children first.

Italy: Desperate Rescue at Sea
The idea of this text is to tell people how many people risk their life and die doing
it, it is also to inform people how the Italians help the refugees.  To me it shows
that not all refugees aren't wanted.

The issue is that the migrants are going to sea and the majority are dying.  
The coast guard go out in helicopters in search for more boats in need of help.
This issue will never be solved properly because of the laws and the reason why the
refugees are fleeing their country.  Although the Italians are helping in the best way
they can.

This true story is set out around the Mediterranean Sea.  The migrants are often found
out at sea. The reason why Italians are helping these people to safety is because
what happened the year before, where 360 refugees drowned at the sight of the shore.

There are many ways where we can try to solve these problems but the best one I can
think of is giving them a place of safety like some Islands where we let them live their
own life with support of others and food, enough house for them to live with their
families. Last but not least transport. Not just on land but in the blue waters.
If we give them more freedom the freedom they are seeking then we will all win.

The migrants are getting a better life because of the Italians, and that makes me feel
grateful that not all refugees have to die (although they risk their own life.) And feel
sad that so many people have to die because of laws and how hard their life is.
I can not give empathy for them.

My life is very different from the rough life of the migrants.  I have a reasonable
peaceful life and I get and great education and I have enough food fill my belly. I get
to play sport and have fun with my friends and I also get to cross borders without
getting sent back to place I do not come from.  I live in a different world to the refugees.