Friday, 22 June 2018

Basic Python Syntax

Today with Ms Chowfin we did Trinket.  In Trinket I went through different stages slowly getting harder each time you move.  Our goal was to complete list's.  Syntax is different to JavaScript because it doesn't you curly brackets or semi colons.  JavaScript has a loop called while true loop but in python it use For Loop loop.  A for loop is different because in a for loop you can use numbers and letters. When I listed I made two stars with two sets of code.  This is my first time doing  a for loop.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Book Reveiw

By Cornelia Funke
Have you read Inkheart? This book is fiction. It is a fantasy and an adventure story.  It is a fantasy, it has quirky creatures, big and small, blue and green, including trolls, fairies, giants and people out of books. This book has adventure because they have to seek something Mo wants.

This book is set in Europe. This story moves through different terrain. For example an old lady’s house that is humongous but there is no room to move because of all of the books, or as she calls them her children.  They also go through villages, some big some tiny and some burnt black.

Mormetier or as his daughter calls him Mo can read objects out of books but never read aloud.  Mo is a chill father but you can read him like a book. Meggie and Mo are like two peas in a pod.   Dustfinger is a character that Mo read out of Inkheart. Dustfinger is a fire eater and wants so badly to go back to his magical world.  Dustfinger is very mysterious.

Mo can read things out of books but when an object comes out, one goes in. When Meggie was three Mo read three characters out of Inkheart and in return his wife went into the book.  Eight years later and Capricorn is still after him. Can they escape with what they want?

This book is about relying on others.  I personally have to rely on others on a daily basis in sport, class and outdoor activities.   It would have been better if the made they had made the story into two different books. I loved the plot and the story itself.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes fantasy and adventure.  This book would suit kids from 8-13.

By Poppy

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